Vintage sleaze, if you please!

A visceral combination of sleaze, glam and hard rock that draws inspiration from the glory days of 70s classic rock to the late 80s sunset strip.

Central Virginia based Babylon Shakes deliver massive riffs and rhythms wrapped in whiskey soaked fairytales of long lost Tinseltown dreams. Vocalist and guitarist Chris Clark has a raspy delivery that perfectly complements his punk and manic blues influenced guitar style. Bassist Gary Jordan slams home the guttural bottom end and drummer Jeff Mortimer provides the multi percussive backbeat to the entire party.

Armed with infectious songs and gypsy street fashion, this trio of veteran musicians are shaking things up in the mid Atlantic and the rest of the world is up next.

The bands debut EP has already garnered great reviews from around the world. In April 2018, the band signed with HighVol Music.