“Velveteen Libertine” my first introduction to Babylon Shakes was via the bands video for this song. Instantly falling in love the throwback sound and just all out cool as hell song. The band wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve here. Think back to the 70’s when the Stones and Aerosmith wrote great tunes and mix in more than a touch of 80’s sunset strip and you get the idea.” 

-Josh Smith,

“It’s fair to say there is some vintage Faster Pussycat influence running through Babylon Shakes, but also a mix of Hanoi Rocks, the New York Dolls, and the sleazy glam of the past with their own magic added to create a wonderful debut EP.” 

-Gerald Stansbury,

“No doubt Babylon Shakes know what they are doing here and have the abilities to do so. One of the thing I like the most is the honesty and fun behind the whole thing. The dedication to the cause as well because so many bands labeled themselves as sleaze purveyors but sound like Dokken.” 

-Matt Lehem, “Is The Music Loud Enough?”